Radon Mitigation


At Certified Radon, we take pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our affordable radon systems. We make sure the systems are designed to cosmetically fit your home and your liking. The systems are installed to meet state codes and the EPA’s standards of radon mitigation.


The most cost-effective and successful method of remediation is the active depressurization system (ADS). The ADS system draws air from under the slab or from under a radon polyethylene barrier (if there is no slab) and exhausts it to EPA's standards through PVC pipe and a specially designed in-line fan. The exhaust of these systems can be installed on an outside wall or internally and exhausted  through the roof. These systems are virtually maintenance free. A visual indicator is provided to allow the homeowner to see if the system is operating properly.

Certified Radon provides a 5 year warranty and a full guarantee with their radon systems.